Flushing Head c/w Hardchrome Treatment

  • 3”1/2 to 3”1/2
  • 4”1/2 to 4”1/2
  • Custom Made Flushing Head

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hoisting plug supplier
Hoisting Plug

We are hoisting plug supplier and many others accessories listed above. Our hoisting plugs are made for the raising and lowering of drill rods and casings.

Whether you run your drill rods pin up or box up, we can supply the lifting device with your threads to allow you to handle your pipe or hammer with ease.

In the long run, we are looking forward to be a trustworthy hoisting plug supplier who manufactures top notch products and its drilling accessories to help all the project complete smoothly.

A pin-thread heavy-bodied coupling provided with a swivel-mounted eye in the end opposite the pin-thread end. When attached to the hook on the drill-hoist line, the pin-thread end can be screwed into the rods to hoist and otherwise handle drill-string equipment when making borehole round trips. Also called swivel plug.

In Asiageo Tooling Sdn Bhd, our manufactured hoisting plug greatly facilitates the handling of drill rods. It’s made for the raising and lowering of drill rods and casings.