Odex Tubex Drilling System

odex system supplier malaysiaWe are the Odex or Tubex System Supplier in Malaysia. We have full range of type of odex available in for your selection. As an Odex or Tubex System Supplier Malaysia, we want to ensure our works is delivered in a proper manner and quality control. Hence, we monitor the manufacturing every point of time and products are being produced and manufactured according to our standard procedure.

When come to ODEX system, we tend to as a supply odex or tubex is extremely economic once it involves shallow and short holes. At the beginning, the ODEX eccentring reaming wing is in a very shut position, and once the system starts drilling at the tip of the casing, the reamer swings call at the drilling position and thereforeenlargers the outlet for the casing to advance. With its eccentric reaming wing, ODEX is ideal for drilling casing through straightforward unvaried loose ground, like soil, silt, clay, sand and gravel.

ODEX is a wonderful choice once loose formations square measure too dense or cobbly for Auger Drilling. ODEX may be a down-hole jackhammer system that’s designed to advance casing throughout drilling. Once a desired depth is reached they eccentric bit is retrieved departure the casing in situ for sampling or installations.

Our end product, Tubex Drilling System, we are not manufactures the product but we provide consultation of its system as a Tubex Drilling System Supplier in Malaysia. Apart from that, we do supply odex, tubex, tubex drilling and odex shoe products in our factory located in Kajang.

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